Trust the impact of your donations by tracking them in real-time.

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Who we are

Waryer is a safe and transparent way of tracking your money.

Our online platform allows clarity on the administration of funds, and Blockchain (Cryptography) secures transactions by tracking them in real-time. We provide up-to-date information, simplicity and absolute accountability.

Now, you can see what your aid rebuilds after a disaster – donate with complete peace of mind.

At Waryer, all cash flow reports are verified using a combination of proprietary digital and analog tools. Moreover, our platform guarantees a transparent process from donation to distribution.

Ultimately, our purpose is to remake the global aid model and put forward a fully transparent system. Fundamentally, we envision a world in which your aid really makes the difference….instantly. Moreover, we want to continue working with local organizations – on the ground – to address the issues from the forefront.

Now you can donate in peace
For a long time, we have resigned ourselves to think this is how charities operate. However, even thought many mean well, they raise money and yet nothing happens. "We as donors have no idea where our money goes."
Know your charity's journey live
They collect, they help people, but... shouldn't they all be transparent and accountable? Waryer reinstates stability and trust to guarantee that resources are not being diverted into wrong areas.

We say YES!

YES to transparent transactions.

YES to social change and inclusion.

YES to helping underprivileged people thrive.

Because Waryer is Change!


  • We track transactions, report their effect and display accountability instantly.
  • Our platform guarantees that your donations are properly allocated.


  • Be certain that with your help people will earn a living and “Get on with Life".
  • We show you where your hard earned money goes – in real time.

Social Impact

  • We only work with local organizations that can guarantee social impact.
  • We certify that people are paid for their labor and resources are well spent.

How It Works

Log onto the Waryer

Donors see the requests of prescreened and validated organization. Waryer pre-qualifies Recipients and their real needs

Donation Made

Donations enter the blockchain, guaranteeing the transparency of the transactions and making them publicly available to Recipients and Donors.


Waryer delivers the goods within 14 business days. Donors and Recipients can see exactly where their donation is through our platform – real time.


Follow the progress of your donation through satellite imagery or Waryer’s online tracker.

Social impact

Complete the project in the designated time. Make sure the contribution is quantified and social impact is reported.

Rate and Review

Review and rate your counterpart after completion.

Launching Soon!

Are you a Donating Organization, Private Foundation, or Charity?

“See what your aid rebuilds after a disaster.”

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